3-Day Event  |  October 1-3, 2017  |  Berlin, Germany

  The Crossroads between Faith and Entrepreneurship 

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Hyvecamp - the European startup community committed to inspiring, educating and connecting faith-based entrepreneurs – is pleased to invite you to the first official event designed to bring value-based entrepreneurs together to reignite the European business culture.

More than an event, Change the World is an invitation to join the movement started by our pioneers more than 150 years ago – where business was not about self but about furthering the work and reaching others.

Come prepared to meet great people, to be encouraged and to gain valuable insights on the key considerations for launching viable innovative social ventures that can change the world. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, inventors and the like are all welcome.

Come with a business idea that you can pitch to the rest of the participants at the beginning of the event. Everyone gets to choose which idea he/she wants to help with. This is the kick-off for the highly interactive and collaborative business hackathon, where each person with their own skill set will get to work on your (or someone else's) business idea in a team throughout the event. You may need a good name, a new logo, design, a refined business model, marketing strategy, or anything else. With the assistance of experienced mentors you get to tell your story and refine your pitch. The climax of the gathering is the pitch event where those ideas are pitched to potential investors. The winner will get 1,500. 

Location: We are very excited to announce that Infosys Innovation Fabrik, will be hosting our event for the kickoff on Sunday and the wrap up on Tuesday at the Backfabrik (Saarbrücker Straße 36, 4th Floor, 10405 Berlin, Germany). For the second day, it gets even better. We have connected to the Factory, the epicenter of the startup scene in Berlin, where we get to breathe the startup air and connect with local entrepreneurs while working on our own business ideas throughout the hackathon. 

Dress: wear whatever makes you comfortable. Some may be dressed in yoga pants and T-shirts, others in casual business attire. Dress for success, whatever that means to you.

We are really excited about our international speakers lineup. Markus Witte, Senior Innovation Manager at Lufthansa, and Phillip Fahie from VIPassenger, and many others will be sharing with us their invaluable experience, tools, and inspiration. Please find a more detailed list of speakers below. 

See you in Berlin!!

NOTICE: Register now and save €50. Early adopter registration ends on July 31. There are 55 tickets left. 



Saturday 09/30

7PM - 9PM       

Inofficial Meet Up/"Speed Dating"


Sunday 10/01 

9 - 9:30AM      Welcome & Intro

9:30 - 12PM      Project Pitches/Selection of TOP 10 ideas. Separation into teams.

12PM - 2PM      Lunch in local restaurants

2PM - 3PM         How to pitch, business modelling,market researching best practices.

3PM - 6PM        Hackathon

7PM - 8PM        Launch Time/Success Stories

8PM - 9PM        The Gospel of Innovation

Monday 10/02

9AM - 12PM           Hackathon at the Factory

12PM - 2PM            Lunch/Networking

2PM - 3:30PM         Industry Specific Networking

3:30PM - 4PM         Break

4PM - 5PM              Coaching Sessions

7PM - 8PM              Tech, Megatrends and Faith

8PM - 9PM              Meet Investors

Tuesday 10/03      

9AM - 12PM           Messed up Time!

12PM - 2PM            Lunch/Networking

2PM - 3:30PM         Ideation Round Table

3:30PM - 4PM         Break

4PM - 5PM              Pitch Event

7PM - 9PM              Final Charge



Our speaker lineup is very exciting and from very different backgrounds. Here is a little taste of it. 


Dr. Rivelino Montenegro  – Founder and CEO of several medical device companies


Zoran Stojanovic  – CEO of Medaix


Philip Fahie  – CEO of VIPassenger  


Markus Witte  – Senior Innovation Manager for Lufthansa 


Dr. Steven Grabiner  – Leadership and Non-profit Governance Expert


Otakar Jiranek  – CEO of Country Life Prague 


David Panholzer  – Head of Innovation and Software for KREISEL Electric  


and more…

What is a Hackathon?

The official program will begin at 9:00AM on Sunday with a short welcome and introduction. 

Many of the event participants come with a startup or a startup idea that they get the chance to pitch it to the audience with the purpose of improving your idea or business in some area. Some might have an existing business/ministry but need help with making it more profitable. Others might have an idea but need a logo and brand for it, or a better business model. Whatever it may be, this is the place where a community of professionals and experts come together to help you advance your startup. Each will get 2 min to pitch with 2 min of Q&A from experts.

From all of the pitches, the Top 10 ideas will be voted on by the participants to be worked on during the hackathon. Each participant gets to vote on the one idea they like the most and can see themselves helping with during the hackathon. The ones with the most votes are selected to be worked on in those groups.

On Tuesday, after having gone through the development and refinement, we will have the official pitches (5 min with presentations and 5 min Q&A) in front of investors.

As the climax of the event, all participants will vote on the best startup, which will receive the Hyvecamp Award together with 1,500 donated by OCI as one of the official sponsors. 

If you have a startup idea, then submit your pitch in the form below to get expert feedback in advance to raise the possibilities of being one of the selected ones. We can't wait to hear your game changing idea.

Pitch your Idea


We are doers, not just hearers. As part of the event, you get to present your business idea to all participants and work on it to make it successful. Finally, if chosen, you will pitch your breakthrough idea to mentors and investors. We are offering you help by giving you the opportunity to submit your idea in advance in order to get some feedback and get a head start on your concept. Don't hesitate to submit your business idea. We are excited to hear it.

You will have 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions. The best pitch will get 1,500 in funding based on the 4 criteria below:

1. INNOVATION – Is this something new to the market?

2. IMPACT – What positive change will this idea produce?

3. VIABILITY – What is the chance of this coming to market?

4. SPIRITUALITY – How will the market be spiritually influenced?

There is no cost to submit your idea. Only the first few fields are required. Most fields in the application are not required, but may help in your preparation.